Halloween crafts at Yellow Moon

Halloween crafts are a nice hands on way to celebrate Halloween Halloween craftswhilst expressing yourself (or your kids selves) creatively.
It’s nice to have a go at making stuff for Halloween isn’t it? It keeps people occupied, is good fun and allows you to add personal touches to your decorations and gifts – thus making them truly unique.

I discovered Yellow Moon late last year and have been dying to write about them ever since. Although their range of Halloween crafts this year isn’t quite as impressive as it was last year, there are some nice little bits to get you started on plenty of creative projects.

Now, the problem is, where to start?

Easy Halloween crafts

We’re not talking start from scratch craft ideas here (we have those elsewhere on the site). Instead, there are some nice bits at Yellow Moon which allow your kids to be creative, but not have to get so deep into something that it never gets finished.

Here are just a few of the fun ideas that stood out for me…

Halloween gift bags and gift boxes

It’s always nice to receive a gift, so why should Halloween be any different? And if you want to give someone a special something (be it something genuinely nice, or a nasty surprise) you want it to be presented in the best possible way.

Here are two kits that would make the tackiest gifts look good.
With the gift boxes, each kit contains a coloured card craft box, pre-cut foam pieces and wiggle-eyes. There are 4 designs with a pumpkin, cat, bat and spider and they’re all pretty cute. They’re 6cm in diameter and would be perfect for say… and engagement ring or perhaps part of a severed finger… Or just some sweets I guess.

halloween crafts gift box yellow moon halloween gift bags yellow moon

The bags are a similar deal with 4 designs again (witch, pumpkin, spider and bat) and the same kind of materials for the face parts. The bags themselves are paper and would make excellent party bags or of course trick or treating bags. The bags also offer a bit more freedom with the design as there are more bits to stick on.

They’re good value both coming in (at the time of writing) at around £3-£4 a pack.

Halloween 3D decorations and scratch art

If you’re looking for some nice Halloween crafts to 3d halloween shapes decorationsdecorate the place with, then a quick win would be the 3D shapes.
No doubt you’ll have seen this kind of thing before. In fact Asda are selling some similar 3D Halloween decorations right now. They’re pretty cheap, but are they HAND-MADE BY YOUR OWN CHILD? No, I didn’t think so. But these items from Yellow Moon could be.
Coming with 3 assorted designs, they come flat, and once opened up can be painted and decorated however you like. They come with the ribbon to hang them with and you can even buy suitable paints from the same site, which is convinient.

The scratch art stuff is cool. These black shapes halloween crafts scratch art yellow moonlook pretty spooky out of the packet, but when you scratch away the matt black surface, you reveal the colourful second layer. This allows for some really cool effects and makes for some nice colourful yet terrifying wall decorations.
Best of all, these ones are also magnetic, so you can stick them on your fridge with ease!
Oh, and you get a scratch tool to do the scratching with – essential!

Halloween window huggers and tattoos!

If you’re still in the mood for decorating (can you EVER have enough Halloween decorations?) how about trying some ‘make them yourself’ window huggers?
They’re made of card and the idea is that you colour them in, stick them together, then put them on the window using the suction hooks provided. Suction hooks are good because unlike the ‘sticky’ window hugging competition, they will be far more re-usable and so can come back out next year, and potentially many more after that.
Each pack makes 12 huggers which is pretty good for £3.

And when you’ve run out of space on the walls and windows, why not decorate yourselves with these cool Halloween tattoos. Don’t worry, they’re only the temporary ones, so you won’t have to regret the decision for years afterwards.
There are 12 designs in each pack ranging from the cute little ghost to the more rugged and intimidating skull and crossbones. Plus one pack contains 36, YES 36 tattoos!

Halloween window huggers yellow moon halloween tattoos

Halloween finger puppets

Finally, why not entertain your guests with your Halloween crafts too?
Puppet shows always get a crowd going, so put your fingers to good use first making the puppets, then helping the puppets to walk about convincingly on stage!
The first set comes with 6 designs and includes all of your favourite Halloween characters. You can use felt-tipped pens to do the colouring, then it’s just down to you to provide the voices and motivation.
The puppets are a decent size too, at 11cm.

halloween finger puppets yellow moon glow in the dark finger puppets

But if you’ve had enough of all the Halloween crafts stuff, why not opt for the ready made, glow in the dark finger puppets?
There are three cute characters to choose from and they would all look great in the dark, or even better, under a UV light. You could even go all out with some glow in the dark paint to create an especially spooky stage for them, but I’ll leave the rest of the creative thinking to you. That’s the point of Halloween crafts after all isn’t it?

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