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Halloween cookware

It’s easy enough to rustle up a few meals on Halloween, but the main art is the presentation. As it’s such a fun night it’s important to really try to take advantage of that potential by going overboard with the way that your food looks. You know, the sort of thing that I talked about in the zombie cupcakes post.

With that in mind, check out this find piece of cookware. The Staub Pumpkin Cocotte. I can’t think of a better way to present my much admired pumpkin soup!
Cocotte - Pumpkin Halloween cookware

I have decided recently that it really is worth investing in good cookware – you do eat from it after all! And although the £135 price might be slightly out of my range, I have been passed a nice 10% discount for us all to use at the Salamander Cookshop which can be used right up until the witching hour on All Hallows eve.
At checkout just enter the code ‘SOC123’. The code can be used on most of their products.

Check out the other quality goods that they have in stock: The Salamander Cookshop

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Mr Halloween is the founder of Halloweenerrific. He lives for Halloween and pretty much spends the whole year in a perpetual Halloween, preparing for that all important night when everyone else celebrates it too. He loves cobwebs, skeletons and UV lights. He hates cheap, poorly made Halloween products.


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    We at love this pumpkin cocotte.

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