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Halloween Calendars

fold your own zombie

It’s a weird idea isn’t it? A Halloween calendar. I mean, people usually associate calendars with the start of a new year (generally around December/January) and often they are used as Christmas gift ideas for those with little imagination.
For this reason, I was sceptical when I first heard about these Halloween calendars, but actually, after having a good look, they’re pretty cool and a GREAT IDEA!

If you’re into the classics, there’s the Pride and Pejudice Zombies calendar (pictured right)zombie calendar, an official Max Brooks Zombie Survival Guide calendar (with zombie survival tips added),  calendars with images from old horror movies, or if you want something really unconventional – a Fold Your Own Zombie calendar – it’s all there!

fold your own zombie halloween calendars
You don’t HAVE to give your calendar as a present on Halloween either (although it would obviously be excellent if you did).
You could of course save it for a Christmas present. It would kick the arse of those other ‘kitten’ or ‘country landscapes’ ones that usually go round.
Just imagine the smile on your granny’s face when she build her first paper zombie – priceless.

The site even sells conventional, non-Halloween calendars, not that you’d want to look at them.

Check out the Halloween calendars now:

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