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yellow moon halloween Every year I get nice Halloween surpises. This year I’ve had lots, and one such surprise was getting an unsolicited catalogue through the post from a company called Yellow Moon.
Yep, I didn’t ask for it, but I got a catalogue anyway, but rather than be angry and throw it away, I was delighted to see Halloween stuff. LOTS of Halloween stuff!

They have got so much stuff, it’s actually quite hard to comprehend. Halloween beads, Halloween decorations, Halloween sweets, stickers, cards, masks, costumes, lanterns… It just seems endless. I’m not sure how they did it, but they filled a whole little magazine with the stuff. Could it be that they care more about Halloween than even I do?

Halloween arts and crafts

One thing that I really liked about their products is that they aren’t all just things to buy. There are also things to make. Take the ‘design a mask‘ kit for example, or the witches hat making kit. They encourage the kids to have fun preparing for Halloween, which is just as much fun as the day itself. Anything that encourages kids to be creative has got to be a good thing, and if us adults get to join in too, it’s all the better!

The products are mostly original too, so you won’t be getting this stuff anywhere else.

Show me the money

Yes, they’re reasonably priced too, and they even have free delivery when you spend over £50, which wouldn’t actually be that hard to do considering the amount of great stuff that they have.
Normal postage is pretty reasonable anyway.

If you’re planning a kids party this Halloween, I recomment you take a look at their site for inspiration.
You can visit the Yellow Moon store online by using the following banner:

Hurry, there’s still time to get it delivered – I think!

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