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Cool Halloween lights

pumpkin Halloween lights You can never have too many Halloween lights. I have managed to restrain myself so far this year, but feel that I will definitely have to go out before the big night and get a few more additions for our display.

In searching for something a bit more exciting that the usual hanging pumpkin lights, I managed to find a few nice items that have something a little different to offer.

Halloween Hanging Hooded Heads

Here are some nice hanging lights. They use LED’s and change colour once they’re on.hooded lights
Although I’m not overly impressed with the amount that people like to use the ‘scream’ face in Halloween stuff nowadays, I do think that these look pretty good.
Each string is 20 inches long, so that’s a descent enough size for most uses.

The only let-down is that you only get an assortment of two of the three designs.
I’d personally be hoping for the skull and the goul if I ordered some!
At £6.99, they aren’t a bad price.

You can buy them from Party Delights

Spooky Shadow Light

This is something a bit different. A kind of evil spooky shadowscarousel of light!
You turn it on and it slowly spins, projecting hauting images onto your walls and ceiling. Witches, ghosts, creepy trees… It looks pretty impressive.

Could be an excellent addition for any Halloween disco set-ups, but could work equally as well at a small get-together.
Apparently it does make a bit of noise though, so a CD of Halloween sounds might come in handy!

They only UK seller that I have found is Fun Factory Zone

Skull Disco Ball

Having a serious party this Halloween? Want to dance until you drop?disco ball
Well, if you want the lighting to suit the mood, and be disco whilst at the same time keeping that element of evil, then check out the Skull Disco Ball.
It has its own motor so spins on it’s own, refecting any cool lights that you might shine at it and creating that cool classic effect.
But, in addition it has red eyes to that glow and give that sense of fear to those who dance around it.
The only problem is that I have only seen this sold in the states. Who knows, perhaps someone will stock it on this side of the pond next year.

You can order them from Fright Catalogue

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