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Captain Bone Jangles.

skull The first batch of Asda goodies turned up today. I plan to stick them all up soon, but this one was my favourite so far and I felt he deserved a post of it’s own.

Captain Bone Jangles is a skull that hangs there, innocently. UNTIL he senses someone pass him, then he proceeds to talk and sing.

It’s great fun, and the motion sensor means that he’s better than a lot of those animatronic Halloween props because you don’t need to hit any buttons to wake him up.
Yeah, I’ve had similar decorations before, but they usually end up too loud, or don’t look cool enough. I think this guy has the right balance. He’s scary and loveable, in a boney, bodiless sort of way.
I liked him so much, I put up a video of him for you to check out. I particularly like the chattering jaw. Sure to give our guests a fright on Halloween night.

Check out the vid:

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