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frankenstein bear It might seem strange to some of you that people exchange gifts at this frightful time of year (Halloween) but it seems to be a growing phenomenon.
Since my first child was born, her auntie has bought her a Halloween themed toy EVERY Halloween, and it’s all thanks to Build-A-Bear.

Okay, so she would probably have just bought a toy from somewhere else, but Build-A-Bear really midnight kitty build-a-beardo make an extra effort to make their cuddly toys extra spooky at this time of year.
Each year, they bring out a Halloween cat and you’re then free to put them in a variety of themed costumes. This year, it’s ‘Midnight Kitty’.
She’s a sleek, black witches cat (supposedly) who looks cute enough as she is really (see the photo… ahhhh).

But, if you like, you can customise your animal – hence the ‘build’ part of the company name.
There are a variety of different outfits for Midnight, from a Halloween t-shirt to full on witches outfit with broom.
They even used to (might still do it, I’m not sure) put in little speakers which make sounds when squeezed. For instance our first Halloween cat says ‘Trick or treat’ or ‘Happy Halloween’ when you squeeze it’s paw. I’m yet to see whether Midnight will have this option.

It’s Alive!

Best of all, if you buy your Halloween buddy from one of the many Build-A-Bear stores you get the pleasure to see it being stuffed and sewn together before your very eyes. It’s like being a real-life Dr Frakenstein!

I’ll let you know what it’s like in the fur when ours arrives!

halloween cat midnight build a bear

Visit the Build-A-Bear website for more details: Build-A-Bear Halloween

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