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Everyone loves Halloween. From the costumes and fantasy, to the shocks and the horror.

Joy can be found playing your favourite animated princess or as the 2013-halloween-decoration-ideas1terrifying killer in the darkest of chillers. Halloween can be a time to party, trick or treat with friends or even dish out the sweet treats yourself. The exhilaration of the spookiest time of year lasts only a night, but the secret to a great time starts well before that. The devil is in the details, the better you plan, the more fun is to be enjoyed. Especially the decorations.

A well designed Halloween house makeover can be time consuming but ultimately, a satisfying result can make your night a screaming success.

Halloween Bedroom Decorations

Here we explore the often tricky task of decorating your children’s bedrooms. Many kids feel they deserve a quality decorative room for their Halloween preparation. A warm up for the night of scares ahead. You may get an even better response from a little one who would not expect a bed chamber made up like a mausoleum. The perfect surprise to return home to after a tough day at school. Just be sure to secure a comfortable and safe bed to hide in when it all gets a bit too much.

Little ones

For the younger or more sensitive child, it may be necessary to avoid certain decorations.
A child that can’t sleep or gets upset due to the wicked witch watching or the gallivanting ghosts, will simply be a tearful grump come the big day. Stick to cats, bats, spider webs and bright coloured lights.
Another great decoration will always be the traditional pumpkin lantern.
This classic will bring the Halloween spirit and provide an excellent arts and craft activity, promoting creative flare and practical hand crafting. Once done pop in a tea light candle and the effect is impressive. Give a glow in the dark pumpkin a try. We had great fun with this in 2012, find instructions here:
Glow in the dark pumpkins


Bigger kids

With the more ghastly and morbid older ones, you will be expected to produce some gore.
Floor to ceiling wall scene setters that can transform your child’s bedroom into a horrific Torture Chamber or a Gothic Mansion. For a reasonable cost you can get far darker prop decorations such as blood splattered weapons in a twisted garland or the very cost effective ‘Caution: Keep Out!’ Tape.

It may be harder to engage the older child in the crafts aspect of Halloween and a small investment may be required. Having said that it is amazing the results you can achieve with old white sheets and claret paint. The messy D.I.Y approach is tons of fun and will ensure your make-over is unique.

halloween bedroom decorations

Old enough to know better

This form of Halloween jollity is best deployed if your sleeping partner has no idea what you’re up to. Great joy can be had if you wish to scare your loved one half to death by hiding a reaper in the bedroom wardrobe or a maggot faced farmer under the bed. It may be puerile but Halloween comes but once a year and it would be a sin to miss out on all the fun, just because your a grown up.

Happy Halloween!

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