asda top hat At last, the long wait is over.
Dark forces (namely Royal Mail) seemed to be trying to prevent me from featuring my big box of Asda goodies.

But at the weekend they finally arrived and I was very pleased with what greeted me. It seems that Asda have been doing their homework again and have found a few really good, novel ideas for this year’s stock.
Here are my favourites:

Bangin Bones DJ

This little fella is a more street-wise goul. Wearing baggy jeans and a hoody, you’d be mistaken to think that this is simply a cool decoration for the style conscious.dj
Press the little button on his hand though, and he breaks out into a rap, scratching on his turntable as he performs.
He’s great fun, and although it’s a bit of a weird idea to have a rapping skeleton, the movement of his arm and the song itself are both party pleasers.
The only let down is that he doesn’t start on his own. Whereas some of the props are motion or sound activated, in this case you have to press the button on his hand to get this little DJ going.
He is also very loud, so shouldn’t be left anywhere that he might disturb any Halloween hating neighbours.

Check out the video here.



Heads-off Harry

head offHarry as a problem. He seems pretty happy to have been resurrected from the dead and stitched back together. However, his creator forgot one thing – to attach his head.
Harry is excellent. His eyes flash, and his voice is very cool and spooky. Definitely more menacing that Bangin Bones DJ.
He stands at about 12 inches tall, so he’s a substantial size. Again, the only let down is that he is push-button activated.

I made a video of this one too. Check it out here.




Hanging Ghost

Want to really freak out your party guests? Well, the best thing to do is have some kind of haunting figure hanging somewhere unexpected.ghost
Unfortunately though, making something that looks scary enough is often too much like hard work, and so it’s great that Asda are selling something to save you the trouble.
This hanging ghost is excellent. Simple and effective.
You hang it using the chord attached to the head and then bend the arms into any menacing pose that you fancy.
The scream-esque face and rusty-looking chains are sure to give your friends a little fright.



Scary dropping spider

spiderIn a similar vein (scaring your guests) is this little hairy chap.
Hang him  up on a wall, and when he’s triggered by someone, he’ll drop down the line that he’s attached to with his little red, beady eyes flashing. If placed strategically enough, this creepy creature could really get your victims squealing.
I thought the detail was pretty impressive, the little hairy area actually makes him look pretty convincing in the light of day. Imaging how petrifying he could be late on All Hallows’ Eve!



Locked-up Lenny

I really like this guy. So much so that he’s right up there with my other favourite Asda prop this year – Mr Bone Jangles.jail
This small, but perfectly formed spectre, hangs nicely in the corner of any room.
Once activated he proceeds to talk and flash his red eyes at you.
He’s particularly good because he can really catch you off guard, starting his act with a ‘boo’ or ‘hey’. The sort of thing that could spook you more than once.
Best of all, mid-sentence, he pulls open the bars of his cage and pokes his head through. An excellent touch.
The only downside would be that he is very small. But if you’re like me and you have lots of decorations, space is limited and so this guy is perfect.



Spinning Eye Skull

skullAt first I really wasn’t sure what this guy was all about. ‘Okay, it’s a skull with one sinning eyeball? Not very exciting’ I thought.
But upon opening, my opinion changed.
This prop is very similar to another of my favourite Asda Halloween buys (from a couple of years back), the Skull fogger.
More of a decorative water feature than a device to amuse or scare, this little number could site nicely on a mantlepiece or in the centre of your dinner table.

You fill the inner section with water, add some red food colouring to create that ‘blood’ effect, then place the eyeball in the socket.
Once plugged into the mains, the blood-water is pumped through the eye, spinning the ball, and making a really gruesome centre-piece.

What’s most impressive is the detail. The skull on it’s own looks really cool, it’s weighty and shaded to look very real. The whole eyeball effect is a real party pleaser.




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