Asda Halloween Roundup 2012

The Asda halloween products have had a mixed reaction from our readership this year. As a result, we decided to get hands on and test some of them to come up with our top five products and maybe help you make some last decisions about what to go for just days ahead of Halloween.

Will the Asda live up to its usual reputation of being one of or favourite places to buy good value halloween goods? Only the results will tell.

Asda Halloween 2012

Asda Halloween Products 2012

Asda light up Pumpkin

This would probably have been the Pumpkin Mist Maker if we could have gotten our hands on one (it sold out quickly).Asda Light up pumpkin

This pumpkin lantern takes the stress out of carving. If you’re no good at sculpting your favourite halloween fruit, or if you’re just looking for more, varied decorations to have on display then this battery powered pumpkin is a nice choice.
Moments after being switched on, the lantern light flashes which saves on battery and means that it will outlast most candles. It’s a good size too.

Buy the Light up Pumpkin

Large lantern lights

We’re always on the lookout for new lights. And our household already has an impressive selection of pumpkin or skull shaped lights that change colour.
But this year Asda have stocked something a little different – some lanten lights. They come in two sizes, small and large, the latter being mains power and the ones that we tested.
They’re a good size and feel robust enough, and although I was a little let down that they only have one setting (flashing light) we were generally happy with them and felt that they would be a good addition to any Halloween scene.

Buy the large lantern lights

Sound Activated Skeleton Stake Decorations

Hardly a catchy name, but it says what it does on the box. Sound Activated Skeleton Stake Decorations asdaThe skulls come in pairs and are a good size (probably about half the size of a real human skull).
You place them in the ground and then they lie in wait for the next unfortunate victim to wake them with a sound.
Once activated the eyes flash a bright white, and they emit a selection of spooky sounds (at a good volume I might add). They’re likely to give plenty of scares depending on how clever you are at positioning them.
This was one of our favourite products this year.

Buy the Sound Activated Skeleton Stake Decorations

Enchanted Broom

The Enchanted Broom has made a return appearance this year. You could say this is because it ‘cleaned up’ last year… Or there could of course be for more serious reason.
Either way, the broom still has its charms. It’s activated by sound and moves around the place happily playing music and making creepy noises as it goes.
Unfortunately it DOESN’T actually sweep the floor. It’s pretty obvious, but just wanted you to know that.
It is a nice addition to any Halloween party as it really does get about a lot and your guests will be sure to warm to it.
We didn’t feature it in this year’s video (as we featured it last year). In its place, our friend ‘the undertaker’ talks about another product – the decorative crow with glowing red eyes. It’s looks great on a mantlepiece or bookshelf.
Buy the Enchanted Broom

Boris the Butler

Boris the Butler took the number one spot in our Asda Halloween Asda Halloween Boris the butlervideo this year. This is probably because we have a soft spot for animated props (as do most of our readers).
The good things about Boris are that he looks great – of a simialr calibre to last year’s Whilemena Witch. The skin is rubberised and the eyes are very realistic.
Boris’s mouth moves as he talks and he has a bunch of great phrases (as you can see in the video).
Best of all. At the time of writing, there is currently a voucher code which knocks £5 off his price online. Just add it when you have him in your basket. Although you’ll have to get in quick if you want him in time for Halloween…

Boris the Butler voucher code: butler5

Link to Boris: buy him online at Asda Direct: Borris the Butler

There are some not so good things about Boris though. Firstly, like Whilemena he’s pretty small. No where near life sized. So, in essence, he’s a big toy, which is going to stop him from causing any real scares, if that’s what you’re after.
Also, all he does is talk, which is a shame. If he moved a little or his eyes glowed, it would probably make all the difference. That said, he would probably also cost a fair bit more with those features.

The final result

Generally, we were happy with the products that we reviewed this year. Though there was a definite feeling that perhaps one or two more show stopping products would have been nice to get the Asda Halloween shoppers excited. It has been theorised though, that because of the state of the economy, perhaps the demand just isn’t there for these big, fancy, more expensive items.

The best thing you can do is get down to your local store and try out as many as possible. Or of course, you could just watch our video below!

We’ll be back next year with more Asda Halloween news as it breaks…

In the meantime, you can find more information on Asda Products in our new Asda Halloween area

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