Halloweenerrific look forward to seeing Asda's seasonal treats as Halloween draws near. And we're not alone, a majority of our readers look forward to the event with excitement."/>

So, what did you think of the Asda Halloween products this year?
Without fail each year, we at Halloweenerrific look forward to seeing Asda’s seasonal treats as Halloween draws near. And we’re not alone, a majority of our readers look forward to the event with excitement.

Asda Halloween 2011

This year there have been a few great new products to keep us happy, and what better way to sum them up than a video from one of our resident product testers – Professor Frankenwerter…


Full-size Fun

Of all the Asda Halloween 2011 products, Whilhemena the Witch has probably caused the most controversy.
She’s a great product, with great detailing – especially on her craggy, rubbery face. She also has lots of great witchy phrases to keep  you happy and your guests/trick or treaters coming back for more. There’s no doubt that she’s a great place to keep your treats.
However, many Asda Halloween fans were expecting something bigger, and little Whilhemena really isn’t nearly as teriffying as Wanda the Witch from last year’s collection.

As a result, many prop shoppers have been lured away from Asda by the Sainsbury’s butler who, it is argued, gives Whilhemena a good run for her money.

Sainsbury's butler asda halloween witch


But Asda do have some big decorations. The inflatable products are definitely worth checking out. As you will have seen in our video, the 4ft ghost is very cool and can be used both indoors and out (in reasonable conditions). The 9ft ghost looks even better. Although we didn’t get to try it the idea of a 9ft menacing spectre in the garden will appeal to most, although it does come with a hefty price tag (£45).

asda halloween ghost

Furry Fun

The floor crawlers offer real entertainment this year with the enchanted broom proving very popular with Asda Halloween shoppers. Triggered by a guest passing by, this life-sized gadget springs to life, spinning around and cackling. Similarly, the wandering ghost could cause a few squeals in your household. Although it is a little let down by its size, we were really impressed by the fact that it senses obsticles when floating about and changes direction to avoid them. They both make great additions to any Halloween party set-up and are competetively priced.

There were a few nice toys with the Ear Flapping Dog and Marty the Monkey singing and dancing their way into our Halloween hearts. They make great gifts as do the cuddly monsters and frankenstein’s monster dolls that are aimed at the younger shoppers.

Asda Halloween ear flapping dog

We at Halloweenerrific loved the man in chains last year and were equally impressed with Convict Colin, a hanging skeleton that writhes about and groans when activated by a passer-by. The only slight let down would be Colin’s small size, but that is reflected in his competetive price-tag.

Grave Matters

The dancing skeleton gravestone was a surprise favourite this year, with lots of shoppers enjoying its moves and sounds. Most impressive were the cool lightning effect that comes on during the performance in time to the music. It’s one product that this Asda Halloween fan may still have to go back and purchase. In a similar vein, the gargoyle with blood pouring from its mouth looks to be another great product to add a little atmosphere to your Halloween gathering. Unfortunately the professor couldn’t get ours to work, so you’ll have to try that one out for yourselves.

Along with all that great stuff, Asda have again provided plenty of the usual treats, gifts and costumes that provide good quality at an affordable price.

Asda Halloween 2011 Summary

It would seem that the Asda Halloween 2011 products have been chosen with the economic climate in mind. Big, expensive, life-sized props have been replaced by smaller and cheaper alternatives that make things easier on our pockets and also help to ensure that Asda aren’t left with thousands of unsold Halloween products come November.

That said, many of us were still a little let down that there weren’t more bigger, fantastic decorations on offer.

There is still plenty to choose from though with inflatable ghosts, knee-high witches and roving gouls, so Asda is certainly still sitting atop the Halloween retailler pile this year.

We’re already looking forward to what Asda Halloween products lie in store for us next year!

We now have a new Asda Halloween area.

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