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Turn yourself into a zombie (in Photoshop)

zombieSo MAYBE you’re planning a nice Halloween party and you want to create a cool invitation with you looking like a zombie.
Or maybe you just want a picture of you as a zombie for no particular reason.

The hard way to do this is to use make-up, which can be both expensive and difficult.
But the easy way would be to follow a few tutorials on how to achieve the effect using the photo editing software – Adobe Photoshop.

Photoshop Zombie Tutorials

If you haven’t used it before, it can be daunting. Photoshop looks complicated.
But thankfully there is a bunch of easy to follow tutorials out there for you to use.
Here are some good ones:

Create a Freakish zombie in 11 steps

This is a decent tutorial that gives great results in a reasonably short space of time. Things do get a little complicated with the number of layers and also a lack of explanation as to exactly how to carry out some of the steps (the eyes for example) but with a bit more research and some improvisation, you can use the tricks in this tutorial to create a good zombie photo. Check out the before and after shots:

zombie photoshop tutorial zombie photoshop tutorial

You can find this zombie Photoshop tutorial here:

Learn how to Zombify people

On the surface of it, this Photoshop tutorial looks shorter and simpler, but in actual fact, it takes for granted that you do already have a bit of Photoshop experience. Therefore, you may need to do a bit of additional research to get good results.
Talking of results, the final image looks pretty scary (if that’s what you’re after). Definitely worth checking out.

zombie photoshop tutorials

You can find this zombie Photoshop tutorial here:

Decay tutorial in Photoshop

If you want to get a bit more arty with your zombie picture, then this is one for you. Not the most realistic zombie in the world, but a creepy one nonetheless, this tutorial is also easier to follow.
Written for use on an early version of Photoshop, I found this one to be well explained and probably easier for a novice to have a go at. Plus the results are pretty good.

photoshop zombie

You can find this zombie Photoshop tutorial here:

Zombie Face tutorial

This tutorial has a lot of steps and need a bit of expertise with the lasso tool (used for cutting out shapes). But, as it’s so well explained, this tutorial is easy to follow and gives some really good results. It also gives you a lot of freedom allowing you to choose exactly the sort of nasty open wounds you want your zombie to have.

zombie face photoshop tutorial

You can find this zombie Photoshop tutorial here:

Halloween Photoshop Tutorial: Creating Zombie

Don’t get me wrong, this tutorial has a great end result, and the instructions are clear and especially helpful (the guy writing it gives links to any external resources that he uses). But, I personally think that he goes a bit too far with the final image. You could achieve something cool, yet not quite as nasty by following these tips and being a little more restrained with the bone bits. Down to your personal taste though.

halloween zombie tutorial photoshop

You can find this zombie Photoshop tutorial here:

So there you have it. A nice selection of some effective photoshop tutorials. The good news is that this is just a small sample of what’s out there. Plus, there are tutorials on all other kinds of horrible Halloween creatures for you to apply your new found Photoshop skills to!

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