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How to create the scariest look this Halloween with All Fancy Dress

Halloween is arguably one of the greatest events in the social calendar. all fancy dressIt is a time when we seek the best tips and advice on how to create the scariest look and terrify friends. So we had a chat with All Fancy Dress to find out what they could provide to help you achieve this.

We’re sure that you have all had friends over to watch horror films – so you should have an inkling into what atmosphere to create. A lot of inspiration can be taken from films, from costumes and decorations to props, sounds and even lighting.

Paranormal Activity and Insidious have been incredibly successful in showing audiences a glimpse of the terrifying unknown, and the producers are back again to offer us a more haunting story.
Sinister is the latest horror to come to our screens, playing with the themes of the paranormal and paganism. The power of the unknown is extremely intoxicating and this is the key to creating the scariest costume – you have to offer something new, something that makes people think twice.

Although watching pots and pans fall from mid air is quite an eerie thing to see, witnessing your friends and family turn into zombies and other monsters is extremely scary.


It’s time to get your thinking cap on to create something no-one has seen before, and with a bit of customisation and some make-up tips, you’re sure to find inspiration.
Here’s an idea to get you started. Why not take a zombie costume from AFD and demonise it?
Take away the fake blood and bite marks and instead draw inspiration from the Incubus night demon. All you need is to add or even craft some horns using prosthetics.

Zombie Pirate

Zombie pirates have become popular since the Pirate of the Caribbean films. There are plenty of zombie pirate costumes to choose from, but why not give yours an element of originality by combining a regular pirate costume and some creativity?
AFD’s Grand Heritage Caribbean costume is very authentic looking if you want to go for the Jack Sparrow look, but by using it in combination with the Zombie Latext Kit can take it to the next level. The advantage of using the latex kit is that you have some control of how it looks (you can be as creative as you like) plus it doesn’t hinder things like eating and drinking as a mask would. And who doesn’t want to eat and drink at a Halloween party?!

The more creative and comfortable with experimenting you are, the more effective your Halloween costume will be.

Evil Clown

Evil Clowns are proving very popular at the moment. There’s something terrifying about childhood things that we should be able to trust turning evil.
And evil clowns have made appearances in numerous horror movies, most notably Stephen King’s IT.
There are a whole host of evil clown costumes on the AFD site, but equally, you could buy a regular clown costume and customise it with your own frightening face paint and perhaps a menacing toy weapon or two.

evil clown all fancy dress


Thanks to online video, sourcing inspiration for your one of a kind Halloween costume now couldn’t be easier.
There are thousands of YouTube videos on how to create the look of a zombie with make-up or how to make your head look as if it has been gashed from the hair line to the nose using prosthetics.

Halloween Makup tutorials on Youtube

It all comes down to your imagination and what you believe will scare the living daylights out of people.

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