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Halloween Morphsuits

Halloween MorphsuitsLooking for a Halloween costume with a difference? Why not check out the Halloween Morphsuit!

Had you heard of morphsuits before now? No, me neither, but when I got a little email advertising these things, I knew that I had to put a post on Halloweenerrific.

There’s no doubt that you have to be a certain sort of person to wear a Halloween morphsuit, and that person is someone who isn’t afraid of ‘showing off the goods’. By goods, I mean the lumps and bumps because with this Halloween costume on, you won’t be leaving a lot to the imagination.

However, if you are comfortable with your body, then these suits are sure to get you lots of attention, turn heads and probably freak a few people out.

Halloween Morphsuits

They’re made from lycra and cover the entire body.
You get in and out of the suit using a zip at the back.
And you have two sizes to choose from, medium or large.

There are a number of designs: Skeleton, Pumpkin, Zombie and Mummy – all equally as distrubing.

You may well need a coat to keep yourself warm on the way to the party, but once there you’re likely to cause a real stir.

They’re currently on sale for aound £37 from
Halloween Morphsuits at

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Mr Halloween is the founder of Halloweenerrific. He lives for Halloween and pretty much spends the whole year in a perpetual Halloween, preparing for that all important night when everyone else celebrates it too. He loves cobwebs, skeletons and UV lights. He hates cheap, poorly made Halloween products.

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