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Adding Contact Lenses to Your Halloween Costume

Halloween is just a couple of months away but it’s definitely time you started planning your outfit. Colour contact lenses have the ability to turn a scary outfit into something infinitely more evil looking, making you the envy of friends.

We’ve been doing a bit of searching and with the help of our friends at, we’ve found some top colour contacts you can use for your costume. To start with, here are some lenses that would be perfect for traditional Werewolf and Vampire Halloween costumes…


If you’re planning a werewolf costume then you need fierce, growling eyes that pierce the dark and illuminate the room.
Look out for terrifying Werewolf Lenses that combine jet black pupils with misty grey and glowing yellow irises. They’ll be sure to set your werewolf suit, vicious fangs and hairy hands apart from the rest.

halloween contact lenses werewolfHowever, if you’re looking for something a little more unusual, why not try a different colour – like green? Green werewolf lenses that have an emerald glow set against a dark black background will truly make your costume unique.
Twilight fans will be pleased to hear they can recreate their very own Sam, Jacob or Embry characters too. Take a look around for their Twilight Wolf Pack Lenses; these small touches will allow you to take on the might of any vampire coven!


Vampire lenses are always really popular at Halloween and a well thought-out halloween contact lenses vampirecostume can be haunting if delivered well. By their very nature, vampires are dangerously seductive to humans, so do your best to entice the crowd.
For film fanatics, Interview With A Vampire lenses will allow you to recreate Brad Pitt’s Louis De Pointe Du Lac character to frightening effect. To make the most of this traditional vampire look stay effortlessly stylish and suave with a classic pleated shirt, dark waistcoat and pony tail.

Alternatively you can use Eyesbright’s Lestat inspired vampire contact lenses to recreate Tom Cruise’s classic aristocratic vampire look. Lestat had a passion for literature, fashion and music, seducing his victims with his knowledge, guile and good looks.
To create this alluring vampire look with a modern twist, combine with a sharp jet black evening suit and bow tie.
Or why not recreate the famous Bride of Dracula with some eerie purple lenses? Entice your male victims in before taking them home… For dinner!
For Blade fans, we’ve found these Blade Trinity Lenses that allow you to re-create Wesley Snipes’ vampire-killing, day walker character. Combine with a long leather jacket, dark glasses, big black boots and an imitation samurai sword, and you’ll soon see vampires running for their lives.
However, if you’re blood-sucker for ‘80s cult vampire films, we’ve found a treat for fans of The Lost Boys. Why not reconstruct the film’s undoubted horror with a pair of gold David Van Etten Lenses?

Contacts for other costumes

If that’s not enough for you, here’s our top five Halloween characters that you can bring to life using contacts:

1. Pin Head

Clive Barker’s Pin Head is one of the most iconic horror film creations, a petrifying demon from the ‘80s blockbuster, Hellraiser. This awesome make-up tutorial on YouTube shows you how to safely attach pins to your face; we definitely recommend you take a look.

2. Mad Hatter

Go slightly wackier by emulating one of the craziest characters in popular fiction. You can have a lot of fun with the Mad Hatter, so experiment with lots of make-up and crazy colours.

3. Zombie

If being eaten alive is the most horrifying way to go, a zombie costume is sure to cause quite a stir. Check out this guide on how to create a zombierrific make-up effect, but be sure you put your own touches to it; you don’t want to look like anyone else.

4. Devil

Satan has several guises but is without doubt the most evil creature on earth. Black-out, white-out or red contacts can help you create a really fiendish creature, but we suggest you combine with dark clothing and black face paint for something really unique.

5. Beetlejuice

Fans of Tim Burton’s comedy horror hit Beetlejuice can combine a black and white striped prison uniform with crazy green hair, dark eyes and gold Beetlejuice lenses. To really get in character you need to be loud, gregarious and frightfully funny.

Tips on using contact lenses

Eyes are obviously very important things, so always be sure to follow the instructions when using lenses. Here are some handy tips on how to use them safely.

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