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5 Simple Halloween Makeup Tutorials

If you are attending a Halloween party this year it’s likely that your costume will incorporate some amount of makeup.

Makeup is a tricky business, and halloween makeup tutorialsif you don’t use the right tool or have a good idea of what you want to do (and how you’re going to do it) then you’re probably going to end up looking a bit of a mess.

Thankfully that super popular video site YouTube is full to bursting with makeup tutorials, leaving you with only one problem – how to find the best ones.

We’ve hand-picked five great tutorials for you to try at home that won’t require an art degree to carry out, but will be sure to get a great reaction from your family and friends.

We’ve tried to keep them simple and not too terrifying!

5 Simple Halloween Makeup Tutorials

Scary puppet

The beauty of this tutorial is its simplicity. You should be able to get the effect with regular tools and it also shouldn’t take long to do.
There’s also a lot of scope for customisation.


Vampires are always a party favourite and a lot of people think that all you need are some fangs to make it ‘count’ (see what I did there?).
But if you watch this tutorial you’ll see some great tips that will give your vampire that wow factor.


This is my favourite of these Halloween makeup tutorials. It’s a simple but effective tutorial that’s great for kids and can be done without much artistic talent or any specialist tools. You can of course make the pumpkin look scarier if needs be.


As with the vampire, it’s very easy to think that you can make yourself look witch-like by just slapping on some green paint and a pointy hat.
But if you don’t fancy wearing a crooked plastic nose all night and you want a bit of finesse to your look, this tutorial will give you some good ideas.


Everyone wants to be a zombie nowadays don’t they? YouTube is filled with tutorials on how to achieve an extreme, movie style zombie look. But many of them are pretty scary and also need a high level of skill and ingredients to carry out.

This great tutorial gives you some simple pointers to achieve a great effect. And you could build on with things like more blood or contact lenses if you want to create a bigger impact.

If you try out any of the above Halloween makeup tutorials, please share them with your friends here at Halloween-errific.

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