5 Cute Baby Halloween Costumes

Halloween is a great excuse to have fun, and why shouldn’t babies be included in that Fun? They might not be able to walk, talk or carve a pumpkin yet, but with one of the many cute baby Halloween costumes on, they can at least look the part!

There are of course lots of things to consider. First of all, their safety. The main thing is to find a costume that isn’t restrictive in any way, so look for something that is a comfortable fit and ensure that the costume is age appropriate.
Second is mobility. It’s no good dressing them up in a super cute Halloween costume if they’re not going to be able to crawl about in it and stuff. This will just make them irritable.
Finally, finding something dribble resistant would also be a good idea. This costume is going to get messy one way or another, so buying one that is easy to clean will save you money and numerous costume changes throughout the evening.

With all that in mind, here are 5 cute baby Halloween costumes that caught our eye…

5 Cute Baby Halloween Costumes

Pumpkin Halloween Outfit

baby halloween costumes - pumpkin
This outfit from M&S will fit kids from 6 months to 3 years and is one of the better pumpkin costumes that we found (there are a lot of them).
One of our favourite features was the padded belly, which ensures that your little one is as round and pumpkin-like as possible (if they’re not chubby enough already).
The material is soft and comfortable and the costume gives them lots of free movement, particularly around the feet and arms.
And look at those little patches on the trousers… Very cute…

Pumpkin Halloween Outfit – available from M&S for £10

‘Lil Bat Costume

Maybe the pumpkin costume wasn’t reaslistic enough for you. Perhaps you want something a bit more realistic whilst still being super cute. Well, how about this adorable bat costume from Joker’s Masquerade?
It’s available for babies from 0-12 months and best of all, gives great nappy access. Having buttons on the inside leg of the costume means that you won’t need to take the whole thing off to change them.
The costume is fully washable (by hand) which means that spillages shouldn’t be a problem. And the wings are so beautifully made that you’ll half expect your bundle of joy to flutter off at any minute… Probably.

Baby Bunting ‘Lil Bat available from Joker’s Masquerade for £12.99

baby halloween costumes baby bunting lil bat

Silly Spider

baby halloween costumes silly spider
Sticking with the theme of ‘baby halloween costumes based on spooky creatures’, we have this nice little spider costume which is just perfect for the younger end of the costume wearing spectrum.
Made from napping fleece, a soft, fluffy material, any baby dressed in this costume is going to look a lot less incy wincy and way more cutesy wootsy (is that even a word?).
A spot of padding helps to fill out the costume and fully display the tiny spider legs. It’s worth pointing out though, that additional black clothing may be needed to complete this look.
Let your little one crawl about the room and it’ll be no time before someone is squealing – with adoration.

Silly Spider costume – available from Angels Fancy Dress for £15.99

Lil Monster

baby halloween costumes lil monster
We can’t very well talk about baby Halloween costumes without looking at what is available in the US. As ever, they put us to shame with the quality and choice of products in this area.
Buycostumes.com almost has too many excellent costumes to choose from, all giving the perfect fusion of creepiness and cuteness. We went ahead an chose the Lil Monster as our favourite.
Like a crazy fusion of something from Monsters Inc and a muppet, this costume will steal the show. And coming with skid resistant booties, new walkers should be safe enough to toddle about without falling over more than they usually do.

UK based readers should be able to get it in time if they order soon!

Lil Monster costume available from buycostumes.com for $49.99 (approx £30)

Skeleton Halloween All in One

Finally, if you’re after a no frills baby Halloween Asda Skeleton all in one costume babycostume on a budget, Asda Direct has a couple of options for you.
This all in one skeleton costume keeps things simple and comfortable for your little one.
Being 100% cotton, it’s a nice alternative to the largely polyester offerings mentioned above. And there’s also a cute little matching hat for if it gets a bit chilly on All Hallows Eve.

Asda also have similar costumes for all ages, so you could quite easily put together a family of skeletons if you fancy it.

Skeleton Halloween All in one available from Asda Direct for £6

So there were just a few ideas to help you dress your newborn for this occasion this Halloween.

Feel free to share any of your favourite baby halloween costumes in the comments below.

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