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friday the 13th halloween cocktails challenge

The Friday the 13th Halloween cocktails challenge!

Whilst on the train mulling over some important things such as Halloween and what to do for it, I came up with an amazing idea. Why not come up with a challenge related to the Friday the 13th horror movies? 12 [...]

October 25, 2010 Halloween Cocktails, Halloween Drinks
curse of frankenstein beer

Hammer Horror Beer

Remember that old British horror movie company called Hammer? That became quite legendary and made a tonne of classic films? Well here's two interesting facts about them. 1) They're still going (apparently) and 2) They're going to be launching their own [...]

October 20, 2010 Halloween Beer, Halloween Drinks
zombie blood drink

Zombie Energy Drink

Right, time is running short, so I'm really going to have to pick up the pace on this, particularly for the posts about products to buy online and stuff. It's not worth recommending cool Halloween stuff to you all if [...]

October 20, 2010 Halloween Drinks
halloween cocktail

The Frankenslammer (TM) Halloween cocktail

If you have taken an extensive look around the site, you may have noticed that I often like to put in Halloween cocktail recipes up. This is mainly for those of you (of legal drinking age) to enjoy at your [...]

October 18, 2010 Halloween Cocktails, Halloween Drinks
hobgoblin halloween beer

It’s official. Hobgoblin is the unofficial Halloween beer

Yes, you heard right. Wychwood's Hobgoblin beer has officially announced this year that it is to be the unofficial beer of Halloween. Exciting news for any of you that have been eagerly awaiting the results of this curious endorsement. And it's [...]

October 2, 2010 Halloween Beer, Halloween Drinks

Halloween Cocktail Recipes Part 4

This year I have been watching some great programmes on TV which have cocktail recipes. From that, I have noted down ingredients, instructions, and have used personal taste to change certain elements (and improve the taste) in order to put [...]

October 4, 2009 Halloween Cocktails, Halloween Drinks