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Halloween Lighting (DIY).

A quick and simple tip for all of those people out there who want to make their homes look especially haunted, but not break the bank. Lighting. It’s often overlooked, and people generally think “Halloween… Darkness is spookiest”. However, I [...]

November 17, 2008 Halloween Decorations
Bubble Fogger.

Bubble Fogger.

Sometimes, life just isn’t fair. And this is particularly the case when it comes to living in the UK and not being able to buy cool Halloween products. Even though, Halloween’s dark roots are here in Europe, the US is [...]

November 16, 2008 Halloween Decorations, Halloween Props

Severed zombie head prop (DIY).

Yep, you read it right. I have devised a great way to add a severed head to your Halloween display without having to pay a load of money, or decapitate one of your loved ones. Plus, it’s VERY cheap and [...]

November 14, 2008 Halloween Decorations, Halloween Props
How to make a gravestone or tombstone

How to make a gravestone or tombstone (DIY)

Okay, so you’re planning a little party, and you’re wanting to make your haunted home look really good. [...]

November 13, 2008 Halloween Decorations