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Monster Mates Fruit flavoured Pumpkin pop

Monster Mates

We are always on the look out for the next Halloween treat that could be making an appearance in our bowl of goodies for the coming year’s festivities. [...]

May 20, 2015 Halloween Treats
Spooky laser lollipop ghost Halloween

Spooky Laser Lollipop

The Spooky Laser Lollipop may sound like a secret weapon used by 007 that would leave the enemy with a burnt mouth, but it is in fact one of the coolest Halloween things I’ve seen so far this year. [...]

October 3, 2013 Halloween Food, Halloween Treats
Pom-Bear Halloween snacks pickled onion

Halloween Pom-Bear Pickled Onion Snacks

So we at Halloweenerrific love receiving Halloween treats in the post. Who doesn’t right? This week though we had a particularly tasty surprise in the form of a delivery of Pom-Bear crisps. [...]

October 1, 2013 Halloween Food
candy corn halloween treats

Halloween Treats from Cybercandy

Given the popularity of Halloween in the US, it's no surprise that they have a wide choice of great Halloween treats at this time of year. They problem is that, save a few exceptions, it's not the same in the UK. [...]

October 26, 2012 Halloween Food, Halloween Treats

5 Quick Halloween Snack Ideas

There are loads of Halloween snack ideas out there. There are lots of websites have pages and pages of them in fact. Some taste delicious, some just look great and some probably disappoint on both counts. The major problem is [...]

October 20, 2009 Halloween Food
Halloween treats fangs

Halloweenerrific’s Top 5 Halloween treats

As that special night looms, trick or treaters will already be occupying their time by thinking about what goodies they’ll get this year. And what is Halloween without Halloween treats? Most of the time, any sweets/candy will do, but it’s [...]

September 15, 2009 Halloween Food

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