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Morrisons Halloween 2015

Just when you thought (or at least we did) Morrisons Halloween 2015that it was a little too early to expect information on the Halloween products that will be offered by UK supermarkets this year, this comes in.

The lovely people at Morrisons are eager to get Halloween 2015 underway, and why shouldn’t they be? They obviously know that this year is going to be a big one.

So without further delay here’s what we have so far, and we’ll add more info when we receive it.

Morrisons Halloween 2015

We’ll start, as the press release does, with the makeup.

Morrisons Halloween makeup

There’s not too much to see right now, but the main thing to note is that the prices are very low. This suggests that they’re going to be very competitive when it comes to painting people’s faces on a budget. And it definitely puts them in line with their main competitors in the Halloween supermarket arena – Asda.

Morrisons Halloween 2015 makeup

No, the kits don’t look the most exciting things. But with all the amazing YouTube makeup tutorials out there, you could no doubt put these simple tools to good use.

Halloween Costumes

Morrisons Halloween 2015 costumes

The costumes too are looking most competitive price-wise though we can only see a small selection here. The glowing trident and wand definitely caught our eye, as did the projector torch (we love pretty things that light up). And you can’t argue at 70p for a treat bucket – it would be rude not to buy at least a couple. Filling them will be the hard bit!

Halloween decorations

Morrisons Halloween 2015 decorations

There’s not an awful lot to write home about as far as decorations are concerned yet. This is because Morrisons are still keeping a majority of the ghastly delights they have planned for secret. The initial info does give us a small taste though.
The lawn skeleton looks worth investigating – lets hope it’s big enough to be convincing and cause some scares!

Morrisons Halloween food

Morrisons Halloween 2015 food

I’m feeling pretty peckish at the time of writing so my opinion may be a little biased but I’d go for any of these snacks right now. The witch shortbread and gingerbread mummies look like winners. There’s also some ‘decorate yourself’ cookies which are always popular, giving kids the chance to get crafty and personalise their own food.
It’ll be great to see what else comes along in terms of cakes. Last year Morrisons had some great Halloween muffins. And all supermarkets are upping their game in recent times with more creative treats to act as a centrepiece for your Halloween spread.

We’ll update this post with more Morrisons Halloween news as it comes.

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