Halloweenerrific’s Top 5 Halloween treats

Top 5 Halloween treats As that special night looms, trick or treaters will already be occupying their time by thinking about what goodies they’ll get this year. And what is Halloween without Halloween treats?

Most of the time, any sweets/candy will do, but it’s always a special bonus to recieve some special spooky treats.
Halloweenerrific has put together a list of what we think are the top targets for trick or treaters.

Our Top 5 Halloween Treats

5. French Monster Munch

monstermunchWhen it comes to spooky crisps, you’re hard pressed to find anything more scary than a packet of Monster Munch. You know, the usual  ones, that are all chunky and come in a variety of different flavours.

However, a friend of mine recently returned from France, and brought back some French Monster Munch. They’re not chunky, and they aren’t shaped like strange monsters, BUT they do look very much like smiling phantoms, which is much cooler in my opinion.
Best of all, they taste great. We had the ham and cheese flavour, which was delicious. And with crisps tasting that good, they had soon vanished, similar to the ghosts which they resemble – although with a bit more noise – crunch crunch crunch.

Shame you have to go all the way to France to get them.
***Edit: These have been spotted in the UK in recent years. Waitrose tends to have them in around Halloween.***

4. Candy Skulls

Like white chocolate? Like a bit of pink goo in the middle of your white chocolate? Like your chocolate to look like a skull? Candy_SkullsThen these sweets are for you!
The perfect follow-on from some salty spooky crisps, these chocolate delights are sure to go down a treat.
As all good trick or treaters will know, chocolate always comes with its risks (the melt factor). But as long as you can prevent your sweaty hands from cradling your treasures too tight, they should last you until you get home. Also look good in a bowl at parties.

Tasty, and a lot easier to eat than the real thing.

3. Vampire Fangs

There’s only one thing cooler than Halloween sweets, and that’s Halloween sweets that can double-up as actual Halloween props! These Vampire fangs are the perfect example: Get some, put them in your mouth, scare someone, and then enjoy the taste as you chew them up (the sweets, not the person).

Halloween treats fangs

Fangs a lot!

There are lots of different styles to get – from jelly sweets in crazy colours, to foam ones which actually look like a set of the fakies that you might buy from a costume shop. Best of all, they all taste great. A must have for any treat bucket.

2. Terror Eyes

As I just mentioned, Halloween treats that double-up as props are the best. And Terror Eyesterror_eyes have been the Halloween gum of choice for all seasoned ‘weeners’ for decades now.
Engineered to be anatomically correct (probably) these eye-balls taste great. There’s nothing better than tucking one away, sneezing in front of a friend, then letting it plop out onto the floor – only to then pick it up and proceed to chew it! (ensuring that the floor is clean of course!)
Okay, maybe that’s taking things a bit far, but when it comes to halloween gum, they are truly number one.

1. The King of Halloween Treats – Horror Mix

Yep, it had to happen, Horror Mix was destined for the top. Okay, you can’t really use these little jelly sweets as props, horror mixbut there are so many cool shapes and flavours, you can’t deny that they are the king of Halloween goodies.
Spiders, snakes, bats… They’re all in there, and best of all, when you buy a packet, you get LOTS of them.
The only thing they are lacking is the fizz factor (Haribo should come up with a hybrid Halloween/Sour mix). Apart from that they are flawless.
Best of all, they are free from artificial colours, and they also have a strap-line saying that it’s cool for grown-ups to eat them too!

We’re all winners!

If you liked our Top 5 Halloween treats please let us know with your comments below.

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