Halloween Pom-Bear Pickled Onion Snacks

So we at Halloweenerrific love receiving Halloween treats in the post. Who doesn’t right?
This week though we had a particularly tasty surprise in the form of a delivery of Pom-Bear crisps.

But these were no ordinary Pom-Bear crisps, Pom-bearthese were pickled onion Halloween Pom-Bear crisps! And they arrived shrouded in faux cobwebs and bright green paper, something that will always get our attention.

Regular, everyday Pom-Bear crisps can be found in any sensible supermarket or food retailer in a number of flavours. But these Seasonal, limited edition snacks will feature a special on-pack promotion. A ‘ghostly’ code will be hidden on the packs allowing those who find them to scan it and potentially win some great prizes.
If you’re not lucky enough to win, you’ll be able to seek solace in the terrifyingly flavoursome taste of the crisps themselves.

pom bear halloween crisps pickled onion

In case you haven’t tried them before, Pom-Bear have a unique lightness both in texture and calorific value (less than 100 calories a pack) which makes them both delicious and a good choice for anyone wanting a delicious snack without having wanting to feel guilty about it afterwards.
They’re suitable for vegetarians and are free of gluten and scary colours and preservatives, which is why they’re also perfectly suited to ankle biters (that’s kids, not vertically challenged vampires).

These special editiion Halloween Pom-Bear snacks retail for about £1.59 per six pack and can be found at Asda, NISA, Tesco and Waitrose.

You can find out more about them on their site or via their Facebook and Twitter channels (shown below)


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