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halloween beers I had an interesting selection of Halloween beers last year, so I’m already thinking about what I will have this time around.

There are a lot of spooky, horror themed beers out there that would be perfect. It’s just a matter of choosing the right ones.

Here’s a list of possible contenders for Halloween 2009 (so far).

Halloween Beers

Centurions Ghost Ale (York Brewery).

Brewed in the North of England, this beer not only sounds good and has a cool label, but itcenturian also won a gold medal for strong bitter in 2006 and 2007.
It’s pretty strong at 5.4% and I have checked a couple of sites to see what sort of flavour it has:
Poured a dark brown with a glint of red at the edges. Bubbly head that poofed up above the rim, and magically it kept it’s head for the duration of the glass. Aroma was fairly nondescript, earthy, tea-like, tobacco.

Okay, so earth and tobacco might not sound delicious, but I have a feeling that this one will definitely be worth investigating.

Fantôme Strange Ghost and Fantôme Black Ghost (Brasserie Fantôme)

As you may already know, I’m a bit partial to Belgian beer. Most real Belgian beers taste smooth and are usually astrange ghost bit stronger than other European beers. Best of all, they always have crazy names and great labels.
These two, from the same brewery are delicious (from what I have read). They are also 8% alcohol,  so need to be drunk very slowly to avoid an early bed-time.
I know a good little beer stall in Borough Market that usually stocks seasonal beer. I’m hoping that they get some of this in very soon.

black ghost

Black Death (Fallen Angel brewery)

This is from a little known British brewery which has a wealth of weird and wonderful beers. Most of them have deathsaucy labels, but this one is more evil than anything else.
I have already tried a sip of this as they stock it in my local off licence. All that I can say is that one tiny sip was enough to send my mouth to a firey hell. Pretty much the hottest thing that I have ever tasted. For this reason, you’ve either got to be a lover of hot food to appreciate this, or you just want to have a laugh and see just how bad it is.
Either way, according to the man that owns my off licence,  it’s still a big seller!
Those of you wanting something a little more subtle, but spooky all the same might prefer the ‘Howlin Red ale’

Black Wych (Wychwood brewery) – Dark stout

Wychwood pride themselves on being Halloween-aware. They always make an occasion of it, and ensure that their Black_Wych_pump_cliplist of creepy, dark brews are nicely ready for October 31st.
I have been impressed with them in the past, but as yet, haven’t tried the Black Wych stout. I’m not a big stout fan, but with a drink that looks as dark and ominous as this, I think I’m going to have to try it.

It’s reasonable strength (5%) and is ‘silky smooth, soft and seductive’.

My hunt for Halloween beers will continue right up until All Hallow’s Eve itself. I’ll keep you posted on my findings.

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