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Halloween at Matalan 2010

matalan logo A couple of people (including one Halloweenerrific reader) had recommended Matalan to me for Halloween costumes, decorations and props. Okay, so I wasn’t going to love it (or so I was told) but it was a good way to pass the time before Asda gets their stuff out, right? 🙂

matalan halloweenActually, I had paid them a visit last year and got a couple of bargains. I had always regretted not buying a big multi-pack of vampires fangs (don’t we all) and got a great deal on a witches cape for my other half.

On entry, we were presented with a nice display containing lots of sweets and other little novelty bits like candles and small decorations. Nearby were also some kids costumes, which looked decent enough. Initially I thought that this was ‘it’, so was a little bit disappointed – although I did still pick up a pack of spooky drinks label stickers, which looked good (but were maybe a bit steep at £2 a pack).

Around the other side of the shop on the way to the tills were lots more costumes and other halloween bits, which was good to see. Although I’m still not sure why it wasn’t all together.
There were some nice costumes at competetive prices and guess what, more halloween pinatas! Obviously Matalan ALSO read up on our tip that they would be the big thing this year :).
This time, instead of being pumkin shaped, they were shaped like a cute ghost. Not sure how I feel about beating that to pieces… Poor ghost.

halloween matalan

Other things worth noting, are some great glow in the dark face-paint and cute pumpkin baby booties.

There is also a giant coffin full of jelly sweets for £6 that would be perfect to take care of any trick or treaters that might pay you a visit!

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