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Asda Halloween 2017 Sneak Preview

This year will be the seventh – yes SEVENTH time that we have previewed the Asda Halloween range. So what will 2017 hold in store for us?

Last year held so much promise didn’t it? Halloween landed on a Monday but that didn’t stop it from still being a great year – in terms of fun, frights, parties and offerings from the various stores keen to sell us their creepy merchandise.

Halloween 2017 falls on a Tuesday and although it makes things tricky in terms of planning (do you go for the weekend before or after for that party?) we’re hopeful that Asda won’t disappoint with an exciting new range.

Asda Halloween 2017 Sneak Preview

So what do we know so far? In a word (or two) not much – yet!

However, we do have a few teasing images for you to feast your eyes on. Take a look below.

Asda Halloween 2017 decorations Asda Halloween 2017 decorations Asda Halloween 2017 decorations Asda Halloween 2017 decorations

Early price information

We still only have information on a few of the basic products that Asda will be offering this year. However, Asda have released some more product images with early information on pricing which is helpful…

Asda Halloween 2017
Asda Halloween 2017
Asda Halloween 2017
Asda Halloween 2017

Update from the Asda Halloween press event

Skull bowl and skeleton pets

There are a bunch of creepy creatures in the range this year. This includes a rat, cat and dog skeleton. None of these decorations is animated, so we can only imagine that animal skeletons are ‘in’ this year.
As far as birds go, there’s also the talking crow which looks pretty good its antique style cage. It’s motion activated as was loud enough to hear over the hubbub of the press event. It’ll cost £10.

Asda Halloween Skull bowl

We also liked the large skull bowl which is big enough to hold punch, treats or a few beers on ice. When compared to the grey, squashed skull bowl that a number of retailers are selling this year, we preferred the extra depth and the more realistic look of this one.

Spooky TV

One of the props that will definitely get shoppers excited this year is the haunted TV. When you turn on this small, retro-styled box it plays a series of creepy images and spooky sounds.

It’s pretty cool and we had fun playing with it (as you can see in the second pic below).

haunted tv prop Asda Halloween Asda Halloween haunted tv prop

Although it is a little small, we really liked it and can see it’ll do just as well as that haunted household item previously sold by Asda, the spooky telephone. It’s pretty loud and the short dept of it means that it will sit easily on a bookshelf or mantlepiece. It’ll be on sale for £20.

6ft Skeleton pirate

We were relieved to see that there will indeed be a large prop this year – and boy is it large!

The skeleton pirate stands at over 6ft tall and is an imposing figure, ideal for any doorway or house entrance.

Complete with sword, hook and peg leg, this swashbuckler is dressed in colourful pirate garb. The only thing missing is a gold tooth or two.


Both the pirate and his faithful skeleton parrot (yes, more skeleton pets) have glowing red eyes and talk when activated by motion. If disturbed, they utter intimidating pirate phrases but unfortunately the body parts (other than the jaw) don’t move.

Best of all, we’ve been told that this prop will only cost £60 (tbc) which seems very good value for such a large character.


You can see some of the products in action in our exclusive preview video below:

Don’t forget, Asda do always keep some things a secret to the last (often inflatables) so we might still have more to reveal.

If we get more info we’ll make further updates to this post, so keep checking back.

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