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Asda Halloween 2015 Sneak Preview

What is it about Asda Halloween stock that just gets us Brits so excited? Is it the variety? The price? Or the sheer amount of it?
Whatever the reason, one thing’s for sure: The day that Asda put their spooky stuff on the shelves it’s a highlight on any UK Halloween shopper’s calendar.

For a few years now, we at Halloween-errific have been bringing you the inside info on what to expect at your Asda store each Halloween. We bring sneak peaks, videos and even lists of our favourites. This year is going to work a little differently. Why? Because we missed out on some of the early news due to the tube strikes (BOO!)

Anyway, without dwelling on the bad too much, here is the Asda Halloween 2015 sneak preview post which we will build on in time as more info comes in and as we (hopefully) get videos of the coolest stuff.

Asda Halloween 2015 Sneak Preview

So what is our initial general feeling about the Asda Halloween range for 2015? Well, it’s creepy and there is A LOT of stuff.

Besides the return of some of our favourites (including last year’s wingflatables) there is a host of new stuff. And it’s pretty clear that Asda is getting bigger and bolder in its buying decisions, moving away from the budget, bargain stuff and towards some products that cost a little more, but are a big step up in terms of quality and the impact they’ll have.

As Halloween falls on a Saturday this year (yes, we keep going on about this) there are loads of decorative bits. Asda knows that we’re all going to party harder this year and they’re stocking accordingly.
Lets start with the basics…


There is a big selection of balloons this year. These invaluable inflatables are great for parties because they fill a space in a dramatic way for little cost.
The choice is impressive, from the bulk bags of latex zombie balloons (£8.99 for 25) through to the 43″ wicked witch helium ballon (£4.99 each) and the gigantic 75″ giant air walking balloon, aka Mr Bones (£16.99 each).

zombie balloons Asda Halloween 215 Asda Halloween 2015 Spider balloon Asda wicked witch balloon asda Mr Bones Asda Halloween

Imagine the looks you’ll get if you take Mr Bones out trick or treating!

Halloween Lights

Lighting doesn’t look too exciting on the surface. We have the return of the faithful pumpkin lights (1.2 or 2.3 meters priced at £6.99 and £12.99 respectively) which should solve some of my lighting problems this year. Shame they’re both battery powered though.
But more interestingly, we also have a nice new addition in the form of the ‘Light Up Neon Ghost Prop’. These colourful spectures hang an impressive 1.5 meters and come in three colours. They strike a good balance of being eye catching whilst not terrifying and will bring a bit of colour to any Halloween set-up. The £24.99 price tag could put people off though.

Halloween pumpkin lanterns Light Up Neon Ghost Prop Asda Halloween

Props and decorations

There is a lot to get through as far as decorations are concerned this year. And there are more to come with some bigger (and more exciting?) bits still to be announced. We’ll be as selective as possible here and will add in the more exciting stuff as it comes.

Scene setters

When we say scene setters, we mean ‘large stickers and banners’. Asda have gone big on these this year as again, they’re an easy, cost effective way to transform a room. There are stickers for your toilet seats, stickers for your windows and doors and should you need to create a full Halloween scene, why not use a huge banner on a wall?

toilet topper Skeleton-Bathroom-Door-Cover-HALLDEC167 Creepy-Carnival-Scene-Setter-CCARSCEN2 giant-spider-window-silhouettes-HALLDEC244_v2

There is a big range, starting with the fun, cute stuff and going right up to the bloody stained creepy carnival stuff. So whether you’re organising a kids party or an adult shin-dig, you’ll be able to find something here to suit your mood.

Ground breakers

If you want some decoration in the garden to welcome any visitors to your haunted mansion, ground breakers are a nice touch. There are a few offerings by Asda this year, from the cute skeletons and pumpkins (£7.99) to the realistic 3D bones (£15.99).

lawn zombie groundbreaker skeletons family friendly yard signs halloween

Spooky sheets

Another item that will be on my shopping list this year is some gauze. These sheets can be draped or hung around the home and give a great effect, transforming your home into a dusty looking shack or an abandoned manor.
Sizes vary slightly and the gauze shown below costs between £5.99 and £7.99.

halloween gauze asda halloween gauze grey drape gause


This year we have three big inflatables to look forward to (not including the huge selection of balloons). They vary in size and price and all look great fun.
First off we have the ‘Frankenstein’ which differs slightly from last year’s (looks a bit smaller and has a different facial expression) and costs £39.99. There’s also a jolly looking inflatable skeleton that stands at the same height but costs a little more (maybe because of his fancy hat and cane?) and finally there’s a giant spider which has a 2.4 meter spread and comes in at a wallet stretching £79.99.

Asda halloween 2015 frankenstein inflatable Asda inflatable skeleton Asda Halloween inflatable spider

Someone must be buying this stuff and I do like inflatables, but I doubt that the spider will be flying off the shelves.

Life-sized props?

Well, we have to disappoint you, but surprisingly it looks like Asda may not be selling a life-sized prop as they have done previously with the butler and witches.
As far as we can tell so far, the closest you’ll get to this is one of the figures below…

hanging-woman Vampire-Skeleton-Prop-HALLDEC469 skeleton

According to our source, the skeleton will be £8, the hanging woman £7 and the vampire skeleton £19.99. It’s a bit of a let down seeing as these props are a little small and just kinda hang there.

Perhaps Asda just didn’t make enough money from the bigger props? Or perhaps they still have a surprise up their sleeve. We shall see!

Asda Halloween 2015 Make-up

There is a bunch of great stuff available this year in the make-up department, but perhaps the main thing to look out for in 2015 is the gruesome special effects style pieces.
You may want to close your eyes for a bit if you’re squeamish!

These sets will give a really impressive finish to any Halloween costume and are the kind of thing that you’d expect to see used in films or on TV. You will need some level of skill and some other make-up to get great results, integrating the parts with your own skin tone and such. But if you’re up for the challenge, you’ll have great fun freaking out your friends with these fleshy looking features. These sets cost between £3.49 and £18.99.

broken-bone-wound-BODY080 Zombie makeup asda horns makeup cut throat halloween makup

Wondering when these products will be in store? We’ve been told that they should be on shelves by September 28th (a little later than usual).


That’s all for now. We’ll be updating this post throughout this week with more news and sneak peeks. If you spot any of the Asda Halloween 2015 range in your stores be sure to let us know.

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