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Asda Halloween 2014 Sneak Preview

Wow the Asda Halloween 2014 sneak preview has been a long time coming hasn’t it?

I know that a lot of you guys out there were getting worried and so were we!
With no information from our secret source we were perplexed as to why there wasn’t any news. What if Asda were having trouble getting things ready? Or what if they weren’t going to have any Halloween products this year AT ALL!?!

Thankfully neither of those statements are true and we’re happy to say that not only do we have a little run down of what you can expect to see in your local Asda store this year, but we have even had the chance to use some of the products already!

And you can expect to see these Halloween products hitting your local store by 29th September, and even sooner online.

The big headline this year is that as far as decorations, food and props are concerned, everything can be bought for £15 or less!

Asda Halloween 2014 Sneak Preview

As usual, we’ll keep updating this post with more information as it comes. And we already have a video showing lots of the products in action, which should be live on YouTube (and this page) within a week or so.

Halloween Snacks and Treats

If you remember, last year Asda made big efforts to give their shoppers more in the way of exciting Halloween snacks and treats with lots of food items which not only looked great, but actually tasted really good too.
Although there isn’t quite as much variety on offer this year, there are some great edible delights to look forward to.

Asda Halloween 2014 food

Chosen by you Pumpkin Cake £6, Chosen by you Gingerbread Haunted House Kit £5, Chosen by
you Pumpkin Bucket £2, Chosen by you Fang Biscuits £1

As you can see in the image above the creepy gingerbread house has returned, along with some great, fun gingerbread biscuit lollies with mouths on.
There’s also a pumpkin cake, that is vanilla frosted and filled with raspberry jam and Pumpkin Buckets that contain complete with soft marshmallows with a fizzy strawberry centre. The best thing being that you can re-use the bucket itself for trick or treating (or as a rather fetching decoration).

Get Crafty

There’s also an emphasis this year on ‘make-your-own’ treats with cake pops and cake toppers available. These products give you the opportunity to personalise your treats and have some fun in the process.


There are lots of exciting sweets too, pumpkin popsfrom giant jelly spiders to some great lollipops. For the first time Asda have managed to secure some official Disney Mickey Mouse lollipops and lolly rings which look and taste great.
Even better though are the glowstick Pumpkin Pops (which you’ll see more of in our video).

Halloween Lights

If you’re looking to ‘lighten’ the mood (shouldn’t that be darken?) there are a few nice items to help you out. The giant skull has bright red flashing lights and would make the perfect replacement for a mirror or boring old picture for your Halloween get together.

Asda Halloween 2014 lights

Bat Fairy Lights £4, Big Skull Head £7

There are also the battery powered purple bat fairy lights (seen above) as well as some very cute white ghost ones that are the perfect adornment for your shelves or mantlepiece.

Props and decorations

There are loads of props and decorations on offer at Asda this year and they’re definitely worth getting excited about.

Asda Halloween 2014 decorations

Hanging Girl £10, Spooky Telephone £10 and Light up and Sound Skeleton £10

If you want something to just hand there and look cool there are a bunch of cute felt skeletons and glittery decorations to meet your needs. Then there’s the hanging girl pictured above that strikes that balance of cute and creepy even if she is only a few inches high.

The Spooky telephone is definitely something that will be on my shopping list. Although it’s made of plastic, it looks authentic – particularly when covered with some cobwebs. When activated the phone makes creepy noises and runs off a battery, so there’s no need to actually plug it in – so no terrifying phone bills!

Clowning Around

Along with the flashing eyes skeleton pictured there are also a couple of creepy clowns for you to get your hands on. One clown is about the same size as the skeleton, but with glowing green eyes (cooler than the red? We think so) and a bigger clown that shakes and makes sounds when activated by an unsuspecting passer-by. This is a bit like the ‘man in chains’ that Asda sold a couple of years back, but the clown is definitely more creepy!
Oh, and a cuter little clown that rides a bike…
We’ll have more on all of them in our video too.

Is there a butler?!

No butler or witch this year asda halloween 2014 zombieI’m afraid folks!
Instead we have something far more creepy, perhaps even too creepy for some of our younger Halloweeners.
The big prop at Asda for Halloween 2014 will be an animated zombie that moves and makes sounds when activated. It’s kind of an animated skeleton with glowing eyes and it will be very effective if scaring your guests is your intention.
Best bit is that it will only cost £15!

There will also be lots of inflatables available, but we’re yet to get the final details on them…

Halloween Partyware

As ever, Asda have a large selection of accompaniments to go with all the food that you couldn’t resists buying and preparing.

Asda Halloween 2014 partyware

Napkins £1, Cutlery £1, Tablecloth £1, Cupcake holders £1 and Paper Plates £1

There’s not an awful lot to say on these items other than – as usual – Asda’s offerings are very competitively priced, meaning that you can spend very little on these essentials and save some money to spend on the more fun, big stuff!

Monstrous Make-up

Again, there is a lot on offer this year where make-up is concerned and some of the items are very high quality (likewise with the costumes) meaning that you’ll look the business in your Asda getup this year.

Asda Halloween 2014 makeup

FX Make Up – vampire £4, Bloody Drip Nails £3, FX Make up £3, Blood Red Eyelashes £3 and Face of
Fear Make up kit £4

We got to see a demo of the bleeding tears and red eyelashes pictured above and they were both quite distinctive and eye catching. Fingers crossed there’ll also be some good instructions on how to use the make-up for good effect.

Halloween Costumes

Asda take their Halloween costumes very seriously and this year one of their most exciting products comes in the form of something that you wear.
Halloween 2014 is going to be all about INFLATABLE WINGS!

Inflatable Wings aka ‘Wingflatables’

Asda Halloween inflatable wings wingflatables

Adult Inflatable Bat Wings £10 and Adult Inflatable Red Devil Wings £10

You can check out the full selection of Wingflatables online here:
Asda Wingflatables

At first, I really wasn’t sold on the idea. But after seeing the wings in action, I’m very excited and can see that they will be very popular indeed.
The wings are worn like a rucksack and hang down quite inconspicuously until a switch is flicked (they’re battery powered) and they self inflate, giving the dramatic display pictured above.

They look really good and the kids are going to go wild for them. There’s a variety of different styles and with the kids version costing just £8 and adults £10, they are going to be really hard to turn down.
Our tip – get in there quick or you could miss out and end up being sad and wingless at your Halloween party.

Other costumes

As ever, there is a large selection of quality costumes available this year. From creepy clown outfits to cute baby pumpkin suits.
But another new feature in 2014 is family costumes. This allows you and your family members to follow the same theme, keeping you all cool and coordinated.

Asda Halloween 2014 costumes

Men’s Frankenstien £16, Ladies’ Frankenstien £16, Boy’s Frankenstien £10, Girl’s Frankenstien
£10, Baby Frankenstein £8

If you do want to look more individual, there is plenty of choice for you. And even the family pet can take part in celebrations this year with some cute dog costumes on sale.

kids halloween costumes asda

Boy’s Robot Skeleton £7, Girl’s Light Up Witch £10, Swamp Zombie Boy £10.92, Baby Pumpkin £8, Dog Skeleton £4

UPDATE: Asda Preview Video

It’s finally here. Check out our sneak preview video which shows even more Asda Halloween 2014 products:

UPDATE: Inflatables!


They might seem like a lot of hot air to some (har har) but inflatable props/decorations happen to be some of my favourites.
There are obviously the wings (‘Wingflatables’) to look forward to, but Asda have now also revealed an inflatable gost and Frankenstein style monster.

asda inflatable frankenstein asda inflatable ghost

Both only cost £15!

Asda Halloween 2014 Stock Available Online Now

The products are finally available to buy online! Use the link below to go straight to the Halloween section:

buy asda halloween 2014

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