Asda Halloween 2013 Sneak Preview

Seriously, How long have we been waiting to see a sneak peak of the Asda Halloween products for 2013?

Well, the anticipation here probably began sometime around November 1st 2012 and has been building steadily ever since.

I was just in a local Asda store the other day and found myself day dreaming about just how great it will look in a month or so when all the ghoulish goodies are out on display.

Well, so far we can confirm two important pieces of information:
One is that the products should be available online from 16th September and on shelves by 30th September.
And secondly… We have a little sneak preview of just some of the 2013 Asda Halloween products for you right now!

Asda Halloween 2013

It’s still early days, so how about we tell you what we know right now, then add more to the post as the information comes in? There will also be a bigger, fuller post at a later date with some more detailed information.
Right now we can confirm some of the smaller stuff but as ever, this preview is only going to be the tip of the iceberg.

It’s also worth saying that the prices stated below probably are subject to change.

Asda Halloween decorations for less

I know we all want to see the big fancy decorations right now, but the sensible part of me insists that I remember for a moment that there is a recession on.
With that in mind, Asda are offering some bargains as far as decorations are concerned.

Asda halloween pumpkin lantern

Pumpkin lantern £1

Asda halloween bunting

Happy Halloween bunting £1

Asda hanging bat

Hanging bat decoration £1

With the Halloween Pumpkin Lantern, the Happy Halloween Bunting and the Hanging Bat all coming in at a pound we’re talking pocket money prices.
Yes, you might get these kinds of products from other high street retailers, but would they offer the same quality as Asda products? They often don’t.

Hanging out

If dangling decorations are your thing, there are a few options available this year. Go for the bat if you want somewhere great to carry your treats or just go crazy with these other really reasonably priced swinging spooksters to add more abominable atmosphere to your shrieking shindig.

Asda halloween 2013

Dressing up

If you’re after a spooky look this Halloween Asda can help you out with some decent makeover materials at competitive prices.

Asda halloween makeup

Speaking from experience, the quality of the Asda Halloween make-up is good and for the price you really will be hard pressed to find sets better (quality-wise) than this for the money.

We’re looking forward to seeing what bigger offerings will be available where costumes are concerned.

What’s your poison?

If you’re looking for a fast way to present your normally mundane Halloween beverages, then look no further. These ‘poison’ drinks containers will add that element of mystery (and risk) to your drinks this year.

asda halloween poison

They’re perfectly suited to a witches brew (using the bucket as a couldron) or some toxic waste. Or of course, for the younger Halloweeners, any number of creepily coloured soft drinks. They’re a quick win to add a little atmosphere to any otherwise average drinks selection.

The light and soul of the party

We don’t have to go into the importance of Halloween lighting again now do we?
To make it clear, lighting plays a huge part in creating an atmosphere at Halloween, as it does with any other seasonal event. This is why it’s great that (it seems) there will be a range of products to cater for your a number of needs from candlelight to all out sparkling party lights.

asda halloween lights

Personally speaking, I’m looking forward to having a closer look at the bat lights as some of my favourite decorative lights burned out last year (boo hoo).

Boris is back!

You wondered which big prop Asda would be selling this year and we can confirm (at time of writing) that Boris is set to make a re-appearance for Halloween 2013.
But this guy isn’t to be confused with Boris from last year, or even the guy from a few years back. This butler looks to be more spooky and grotesque than ever (pictured left).

asda halloween 2013 boris

Unfortunately we’ll have to fill you in on what he can do and how much he will cost at a later date, but remember, you saw him here first!

Oh and that skinny, hungry looking guy to the right of him is Banjo Steve. You can expect him to offer some amusing, musical relief at your Halloween gathering. More details on him will follow soon too.

Buy Boris the Butler here
: Boris the Butler at Asda Direct

Buy Banjo Steve here: Banjo Steve at Asda Direct

Update – with video

Last week we finally got to see the Asda Halloween range up close at a press event. And as we couldn’t take ALL of you guys with us, we did the next best thing – we took a camera and did some filming.

So to re-empahsise what is said on the video, there don’t seem to be quite as many fancy decorations and props this year. That does make the crew at Halloweenerrific feel a little sad (you know how much we like foggers and inflatables). BUT there are a load of great costumes and lots of Halloween food items that not only look good, but also taste really good.

Asda Halloween Food 2013

All too often supermarkets re-brand their bland bakery products for Halloween, giving you something that looks cool, but ultimately doesn’t get eaten because it has no flavour. This isn’t the case with Asda’s food this year.

Update – More items spotted online

So the Asda Halloween items are now available from Asda Direct.
And after having a look at what’s on sale, we’ve noticed another couple of cool props that you might be interested in.

Skull Mister and Gruesome Giant Skull

You probably already know that we like things that give off mist and fog, so it was nice for us to see that Asda have again made a mist emitting prop available. The Skull Mister looks pretty much the same as the one that has appeared a couple of times over recent years. You add a little water, plug it into the mains and a clever little device inside will give off fog whilst shining pretty coloured lights, giving a very cool effect. I love my one which will be coming out for its third or fouth showing this Halloween.

The Gruesome Giant Skull looks to be little more than that – a great big skull. If you’re looking for a big prop to fill some space, this polystyrene skull should meet your requirements.
Both skulls are available online for £15.

asda skull mister halloween giant skull asda halloween

Buy the Skull Mister here: Skull Mister at Asda Direct

Buy the Gruesome Giant Skull here: Gruesome Giant Skull at Asda Direct

So there’s what we have so far. Keep checking back with Halloweenerrific for more Asda Halloween 2013 news as it breaks.

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