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Horrifying Music Videos

Just a quickie. A friend let me know that there is something pretty cool going on at London’s BFI on Saturday (20:45). They’re putting on a ‘scream-a-thon’ of the most scary and horrible music videos, presented by video producer and [...]

October 29, 2009 Halloween Events

Dinner and a Scary Movie

Meza in Soho, London are putting on (or have put on) a nice little string of events at their elegant little restaurant. In the run up to Halloween, they have been offering dinner and a horror film to anyone that [...]

October 26, 2009 Halloween Events
Tulleys Farm Halloween

Tulleys Farm Halloween Festival.

I was driving through Sussex the other day and just before I reached a roundabout, I saw a sign saying ‘Halloween Festival’ with an arrow pointing left. Obviously, my first instinct was to immediately turn and see exactly what it [...]

October 25, 2009 Halloween Events
London Paranormal listing.

London Paranormal listing.

If you’re based in London (or nearby) and you’re keen to get in the mood for Halloween, this year seems to be better than ever for terrifying events in the capital. A friend of mine fowarded me a link to [...]

October 7, 2009 Halloween Events
Bram Stoker Film Festival.

Bram Stoker Film Festival.

For the first time ever, Whitby is hosting a film festival. Named after their most famous resident, and creator of Dracula – Bram Stoker. The event runs for 4 days (from 16th October), and as well as lots of scary [...]

October 2, 2009 Halloween Events

Horror Movies for the Big Night

My habits over the Halloween period have changed over the years. When I was very young, I attended house parties. As I matured, I was deemed safe to walk the streets and ‘trick or treat’ with older kids. Soon I [...]

September 6, 2009 Halloween Events

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